Nutcase was founded at a football game between two rival teams in Oregon back in 2000, when Michael Morrow, president and founder of Nutcase and former Nike Creative Director, brought out two helmets he had cooked up in his garage, both festooned with the mascots of each team.

He wore them in the bleachers at the game, and the response from fans around him was immediate. People loved the helmets. Something clicked in Michael’s head at that moment: “Sports helmets are dull. They are either licensed cartoon character designs for kids or simple solid colors. The helmet that is a vibrant extension of a person’s personality…it doesn’t exist.”

He thought on it more, and realized, “Most helmet graphics are either cheesy or based on cartoon characters, which means anybody over three is pretty much excluded. I believe there are kids and adults who want to ride their bikes or skate boards in a simpler helmet shape than the aerodynamic cycle helmet style, and would like a product that is more visually fun and expressive than just another black helmet”, said Morrow. “People are not going to wear helmets any less in the future, so somebody has to make them more exciting to wear. That ‘somebody’ is Nutcase!”


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