When you buy your Pedego Electric Bike, at the time of purchase, make sure you buy a Pedego-approved lock to get Pedego's 5-Year Anti-Theft Warranty*. Worth every penny.

Some insurance companies will not insure electric bikes. So, you need to make sure your bike is covered a different way.

How does it work? Use the Pedego Folding Lock as your primary lock on your bike whenever and wherever you lock it (best to lock it to something permanent that will not run away). If the lock is broken and the bike is stolen, present a detailed police report to Pedego, and if everything checks out, Pedego will give you a brand new bike (similar to the one you purchased originally).


Things to note:

-you can use as many locks on your bike as possible but the Pedego Folding Lock has to be the primary lock.

-detailed police report must be filed and presented to Pedego

-only applies to Pedego Folding Locks that are registered to that particular Pedego Electric Bike

-physical remnants of the broken lock must be presented to Pedego along with the police report

-*DOES NOT APPLY to the Pedego Element.

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