The Plus is ArroWhere's Waterproof Backpack Cover with added safety features. Available in 28L daypack and <45L sizes. USB-rechargeable LED lights and contrasting designs. Read more...

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Based on the popular Waterproof Backpack Cover, the ArroWhere Plus Waterproof Backpack Cover adds extra safety features to help enhance your safety day and night. Utilizing a new, contrasting patent-pending ArroWhere design, the ArroWhere concept becomes more visible during the day. With USB-rechargeable LED integration, the ArroWhere Arrow concept becomes more visible during the night.

Regarding the ArroWhere Effect - Studies prove that motorists do not always react to cyclists and other athletes wearing products that are merely high-viz, lighted or reflective. ArroWhere sets a new standard in visibility by employing simple yet effective symbols to communicate with drivers. ArroWhere’s patented/patent pending designs take the road signs motorists instinctively react to and improves communication for an effectively shared roadway. ‘Universal for “Move Over!”’ and visible up to 1/4 mile away and more, day or night.

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