In the fall of 2012, CruZen Bicycle Accessories launched its first product CruZen Tunes: a high quality portable bluetooth speaker kit specifically designed to work on every bike. Since then, CBA has partnered with over 100 Independent Bicycle Dealers around the country to provide our customers access to our growing line of products and unbeatable customer service. 

CruZen Tunes consists of a 3-Watt Micro Bluetooth speaker, speaker handlebar mount and universal smartphone grip (CruZen X-Grip). CruZen Tunes gives cyclists the ability to listen to their favorite music SAFELY, without wires and without the use of headphones.

For those of you who can't balance on two wheels, check out the CruZen Pod. The CruZen Pod offers the same unique benefits as CruZen Tunes along with the added ability to transform your accessory into a portable music station. Impressed Yet? We are!

Try one of CBA's unique and highly talked about products today for a hassle-free experience that is guaranteed to make riding more enjoyable. What are you waiting for? Remind yourself TODAY just how fun cycling can be with CruZen Bicycle Accessories. 






CZ 92 Speaker/Phone Combo Kit
CruZen CZ 92 Combo Kit - Bluetooth Speaker, Phone Holder, Mounting Tool, Charging Table.
79.95 USD
CZ 29 X Grip Phone Mount
The Last Smartphone Holder you will ever buy! Ideal for Phones 3 Inches and greater.

The CruZen X-Grip was designed to provide cyclists with the most secure place to keep their Smartphone while riding.
47.95 USD
CZ 29 Plus X Grip Phone Mount 5"
The CruZen X-Grip for Larger Phones / Phablets was designed to provide cyclists with the most secure place to keep their larger Smartphones while riding.
48.95 USD
CZ 50 Road Grip Swivel Mount X Grip Kit
Light weight, low profile, for all odd shape bars. Universal Smartphone Mount
47.95 USD
CZ 40 X-Grip Plus Tether
CruZen X-Grip tether provides added security to the already secure X-Grip. Fits CZ 29, 29 Plus, CZ 30, and 50.
3.50 USD
CZ 200 Solar Bluetooth Speaker
CruZen™ CZ 200 Solar Sound System is a Bluetooth dual 4.5-watt Speaker System.
79.95 USD
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