The Pedego Interceptor: Platinum Edition is for those who refuse to settle for less. It makes America’s best selling electric bike even more lovable with premium upgrades. Read more...

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Interceptor Classic Platinum with Magnesium Wheels



The Interceptor: Platinum Edition is famous for its industry-leading range and breathtaking power.
Once you ride a Pedego, everything else is just an e-bike. The real-world performance simply can't be beat.


The most important part of every Pedego is the person riding it.
The first thing you notice when you ride a Interceptor Platinum Edition is how comfortable you feel. With its Adjustable Front Air Shock Suspension and Ergonomic frame design, you'll swear it was made just for you - because it was!

Available in 5 different frame sizes (29" Classic, 29" Step-Thru, 26" Classic, 26" Step-Thru, and 24" Step-Thru).


Pedego is a fun company, but we're serious about quality.
Premium quality is more than just a talking point at Pedego, it's a promise.
It's a promise that's backed up by an exclusive FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. That's quality that lasts!
A whisper quiet, 749 Watt motor delivers best in-class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating. With its integrated Torque Sensor option, the Interceptor: Platinum Edition

A state-of-the-art 52 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car. It weighs less than a house cat and can take you up to 90 miles or more (17.5Ah option only).




Stylish. Sleek. Classy.
The Magnesium Wheels offer your Platinum Interceptor an exceptional upgrade that does more than just make your Pedego look good. The Magnesium Wheels require little to no maintenance. Unlike spoke wheels, the Magnesium Wheels are solid Magnesium and require no spoke replacements or adjustments. Furthermore, the spoke wheels are only rated for about 250lbs. Magnesium wheels can help your Pedego take up to 350lbs.



PEDEGO CARE: 5-year warranty

Pedego's exclusive, industry leading warranty helps cover your Pedego for 5-years from the date of purchase. No other company in the industry stands by their products like Pedego does and their 5-Year Warranty for the Platinum Interceptor is proof of that fact. Pedego is a company that really cares. For more information, click here.



PEDEGO'S 5-year ANTI-THEFT warranty

Pedego's exclusive, industry leading Anti-Theft warranty helps you protect your Pedego for 5-years from the date of purchase. With the purchase of a Pedego Folding Lock 110cm, you will have your bike registered with Pedego's Anti-Theft program. For more information, click here.

Pedego Folding Lock


Black , brown, or creme trim?!

Make your Pedego your own by choosing the Black, Brown, or Creme Balloon Packages. On the 26" Interceptor, when you select either Black, Brown, or Creme trim, you are choosing what colors your tires, hand grips, and saddles will come in.

*Note*: The Creme Balloon Package is Creme tires with Brown hand grips and saddles.

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